National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada is based in Ottawa, Ontario and is one of the worlds most respected art institutions.

The history of the Gallery began in the late 19th century with a vision that Canadians could have a National Gallery of their own, and showcase Canadian art.

Throughout it’s, somewhat turbulent, history the Gallery has moved location (although always remaining in Ottawa). When the owners of Roofing Edmonton visited Ottawa, the National Gallery of Canada was on the list of sites to see.

The Gallery is certainly an impressive institution, revered for it’s scholars and its ability to connect with audiences of all ages and levels of artistic knowledge.

Now at it’s current site, which was opened in 1988, the gallery holds approximately 50,000 works of Canadian art, from Indigenous (Aboriginal) art to modern day Canadian paintings, sculptures and photographs.

It is considered one of Ottawa’s best learning and tourism venues.

Upon entering the Gallery grounds you are greeted by ‘Maman’ a giant sculpture of a spider by Louise Bourgeois.

The magnificent architecture of the current Gallery was designed by Moshe Safdie, and upon entering you are greeted by the dramatic Great Hall, with its soaring glass ceilings and spacious galleries, interspersed with quiet courtyards, outside, in the Gallery grounds you can find many new and exciting sculptures.

As mentioned the Gallery has a large and varied collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs, which are mainly focused on Canadian art.

However the Gallery does hold many works by American and European artists and has previously hosted International events and showcased works from esteemed historical artists such as Van Gogh.

The Gallery is also highly noted for it’s contemporary art collection, some of the most viewed of these contemporary works are those of Andy Warhol.

Arguably one of its most famous paintings is The Death of General Wolfe by Anglo-American artist Benjamin West.

The Canadian collection of artwork held at the National Gallery really is the most comprehensive in Canada, including works by Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven, Alex Colville, Jack Bush, Emily Carr and Jean-Paul Riopelle to name but a few.

No matter if you are an established lover of art, or just purely interested in seeing the impressive collection of works collated, if you are ever in Ottawa be sure to visit the National Gallery.

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